New released stamps worldwide

A collection is only a complete collection if you are assured of receiving all new issues. If you are a topical collector no company can guarantee the provision of all new issues, but PostBeeld makes an extra effort to provide that service. We have many suppliers worldwide and try to buy all new stamps issued around the globe*. If we are aware of your topical requirements, as soon as we receive shipments we will check to see if the stamps you need have arrived. If you make a new issue subscription to PostBeeld this often results in cheaper delivery costs. If you want to see what we delivered recently, you can check the pink section at Our subscription prices are 5% below our normal prices.

We offer several ways to obtain New Issues:

Order new issues without standing order

You can just visit our site and order from it. We list all new issues released worldwide, but some can be sold out quickly. You can get access by country or topic.

Basic standing orders

It is possible to start a new issue standing order for the country of your choice. We deliver all new stamps and s/s in MNH condition. If you're a thematic (topical) collector it is also possible to start a thematic subscription. In that case we deliver all stamp sets worldwide* which contain one or more stamps concerning your topic.

Tailor made standing orders

If you want to receive all new issues on a regular base, we can help you. In most cases we can offer you a tailor-made solution. Just inform us of your requirements and we will let you know what is possible. This applies to countries or topicals. Examples of what is possible: With or without self-adhesive stamps, only s/s or just without s/s, topicals only from European countries, topicals extended (all sets, also if only one stamp shows your topic), topicals small (only those sets from which all stamps show your topic), etc., etc. Click here to send us an email

Wholesale standing orders

We have attractive discount rates on larger new issue subscriptions. Discounts begin for purchases of 10 copies from one country or topic, or 20 mixed country or topical subscriptions. Further discounts are calculated as follows: For 10 equal or 20 different subscriptions: 10% discount.  For 30 subscriptions: 15% discount. For 50 subscriptions or above: 20% discount. 

* Due to extreme conditions regarding the enormous amount of stamps issued and doubts over originality, from 2010 we decided only to supply new stamps from the following countries on special request: Burundi, Comores, Congo Rep., Guinea-Bissau, Rep. Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Maldives, Mozambique, Niger,  Saint Thomas, Solomon Islands, Togo and Uganda. New stamps from these countries will no longer be found on our website,, either.

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