PostBeeld respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially.

It is not allowed to use images from our sites in any way, except if PostBeeld has previously given written permission. PostBeeld will not sell or make available your personal information to third parties without requesting your permission

When you place an order, we need your name, e-mail address, delivery address and payment method details to execute your order and to keep you informed of the progress. You can change your profile details on our website and indicate if and how you wish to receive newsletters from us.

If you create an account with PostBeeld your details are saved on a secure server at a data centre in Germany. In your PostBeeld account we store information such as your name and address, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address and payment details, so that you do not have to fill in those details every time you place a new order. You also have the opportunity to build a wish list and we can manage any credit you may have on your account. You can view your details and make changes to your account.

If you wish to completely delete your data from our database, send a request via e-mail to us and we will execute and confirm your request. Please note; if you submit such a request any credit and the contents of your wish list will become null and void. If you have placed orders, your address data will always be linked to the order and invoice details. We do not store your credit card details or bank account numbers. We do not store any of your search data.

We use a Google Analytics cookie on our site. For this we have entered into a processor agreement with Google. The last octet of the IP address is masked and "data sharing" is turned off. We use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

If you have one or more news subscriptions an account is necessary. We store your details in areas you have subscribed to. Within our company, employees who are engaged in the order process as well as employees who are involved with customer service and employees who are involved in customer and order-based technical development understand your customer and order data. Our partners who prepare partial orders process all orders anonymously and have no insight into your customer data. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will therefore handle your data with the utmost care.