Although you can order items on the PostBeeld website without an account, shopping with a PostBeeld account offers many advantages.

If you are logged in to your account you can::

Create an account

Spread over several days the shopping process

The content of your basket can be saved and when you next log in, you can continue shopping. However please understand that items are only reserved for you at the moment you check out and fulfilled your payment. In the meantime items in your basket can become sold-out.

Make use of the 'Wishlist' function

A useful tool to help make your collection complete is our Wishlist system. You can manage this via your account page. When you are looking for stamps/series in our catalogue that are shown as currently not in stock, you can place those items on your Wishlist.

As soon as they are back in stock you will receive a message from us with the link to the product page. This way you are assured that you are immediately informed when your wanted items are back in stock.

View the status of your order

On your PostBeeld account page you can view the actual status of your order. An order can go through many stages before it is complete and ready to send to you.

View your order history

On your account page you can view a clear picture of all items ordered previously.

Save address details for following orders

On your PostBeeld account page you can manage your billing and shipping addresses. You can save these details so that your billing and shipping information is automatically entered when your next order is placed.

Make use of shopping credit

If you have sufficient credit balance, you can place an order without going through the payment procedure. You can obtain store credit by making a deposit into our bank account, by making a cash payment in one of our branches or by trading stamps.